Zhi Yang ZHOU d.d.


Mr. Zhou is a graduate of CÉGEP Édouard-Montpetit, the only institution of higher education that offers the program in denturology in Quebec. He successfully completed all theoretical courses and practiced denturology for two years in the college clinic, successfully providing satisfactory treatments to a large number of Quebec patients. Finally, by successfully passing all the theoretical, practical and linguistic exams, he became a member of the College of Denturologists of Québec.


He firmly believes that theoretical knowledge, professional experience and reasonable price are the sources of confidence for successful treatment.


He said, "Helping patients to have a radiant smile or to have more confidence in their smile is the most rewarding part of my job."


He is a member of the following organizations:


▪ College of Denturologists of Quebec

▪ Association of Denturologists of Canada

▪ Association of Denturologists of Quebec


He lives in Montreal with his wife and child. He enjoys reading, doing physical activity and spending time with his family.


Special price 2020

valid from January 1 to December 31, 2020

Full denture

Balanced denture or denture of precision


$ 899/ arch

This type of denture, the most personalized, requires the recording of certain physiological data of the patient. These dentures make it possible to do protrusion movements ( forward movement of the chin ) and laterality ( movement of the chin to the left or to the right ) without interference between the teeth.

Centric or standard denture


This is a basic denture. It offers in its functional aspect, the chewing and in its aesthetic appearance, a smile. We cannot expect more. Due to the lack of functional parameters, it may be more unstable and uncomfortable. Often, it will require a lot more adjustments or a longer adaptation period.

Partial denture

if your lost teeth include some posteriors

Metal Partial Denture


1,099/ arch

Metal Partial Denture relies on both the gums and the remaining teeth with rests and clasps. It can be used when one or more teeth are missing. It is more stable than full denture, because of the support provided by the teeth via the retention clasps. It is used for both the maxilla and the mandible. The design of the skeletal part of your Partial Metal Denture will be adapted according to certain specifications. It will take into account your edentulousness type and the peculiarities of your jaw.

Acrylic Partial Denture


$ 699/ arch

It can be manufactured with or without clasps and should be considered as an alternative in the short or medium term. It is probably more rough and uncomfortable than a metal partial denture. Its use requires regular checks from your denturologist or dentist ( for your natural teeth ), as this can lead to the loss or loosening of your remaining natural teeth.

Partial denture

if your lost teeth only include some anteriors

Hygienic or Coronary Partial Denture


1,149/ arch

Commonly called a metal partial denture without palate, this denture has a very particular design to replace less than 3 upper anterior teeth. It offers greater comfort and greater freedom. This kind of denture can not be made for everyone. The surface and type of edentulousness must be taken into account. Your denturologist must also consider the shape, position and retention of natural teeth.

Flexible Partial Prosthesis


A flexible partial denture is much more stable and offers good retention and adaptation. However, it is only a temporary solution to replace less than 3 upper or lower anterior teeth. In addition, it can not be relined or repaired if it has a crack, an artificial tooth detached or a natural tooth lost in any way whatsoever.


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